What do “new rules” NOT accomplish?

There is almost no data available through the ODNR or USGS on the state of the water in the Michindoh Aquifer, even though a Water Resource Inventory was established in 1994.  See arguments which explain that here.

How can the Chief deny an application for withdrawal when there is no data to show the volume of the groundwater available?  He will not know if the withdrawal will cause an aquifer overdraft.

How can the permittee withdrawing ground water monitor aquifer levels and reduce withdrawals when there are only two monitoring wells operated by the ODNR/USGS and they may be located miles distant from the permittee’s well?

How can the Chief decide to withdraw, or suspend or revoke a permit when the water monitoring system gives him minimal information?

Surrounding property owners will have a process to submit complaints regarding a reduction of ground water supply.  This is exactly the situation we face right now!  “New rules” did not change a thing!