Bob Golding

(Reader Alert: Bob Golding’s position is found in the Bryan Times September 5, 2019 article.  The following is excerpted from that article)

Bob Golding, a Bryan resident who’s emerged as a frequent critic of the charter, also said he expected the Supreme Court to rule as it did.

He said with the dozen previous rejections statewide of proposed charters, and with the Supreme Court seeing no new compelling reason to reject previous case law, “I was pretty sure it was going to be thrown out.”

Golding maintains the county’s charter does exceed the powers given to the county, and also that charter proponents misread the directions to file either a protest letter to the Secretary of State or appeal to the Common Please Court,  “It’s pretty clear, you can do one or the other.  They chose the (common pleas) court,” he said.

“If the Ohio Supreme Court believed the board of elections was wrong, they had everything in their power in front of them to reverse it.  But they did not,” said Golding, adding though he opposes the charter, he also opposed and still opposes the AOP plan.